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Through the young adult blogging community, I am participating in a six month long secret sister project hosted by the girls from On the Same Page. My wonderful sister from this round has decided to include Punk and Bug in the packages she sends.

Last month, she sent Punk two Magic Tree House books Lions at Lunchtime and Polar Bears Past Bedtime .

I found a huge selection of them at our local indie new/used bookstore Mr. K’s and pointed them out to Punk. One of my nephews loved them and I told Punk that. He declared that if his beloved cousin loved them, he would too. They had the first book, so I picked it up. My wonderful sister noticed me talking about it and has become his supplier. (;

We read the first book (Dinosaurs Before Dark) and then my mom and I got him two more (The Knight at Dawn and Mummies in the Morning ) from another newly discovered indie. I have a few checked out from the library too. He was SO excited to see two more “chapters” included with their goodies. They also got a few other books – including a colouring book!

IMG_7153yep, that’s Bug’s blurry leg

They had their own boxes in our big box. They were too cute bouncing with excitement, especially when I pointed out their names.

IMG_7139Bug FLIPPED OUT when she opened her box. She loves stuffed animals. She is of the opinion there’s no such thing as too many stuffed animals – especially in her bed! She barely let me snap this picture!

IMG_7151Punk thought his puppy was cool, but he was more excited about the chocolate bunny! He kept hugging his goodies and saying, “Thank you mommy’s friend!”

IMG_7152They were so thrilled to be included in this month’s package. They’re over the moon for letters addressed to them, so they really flipped for books, lovies, and candy!

IMG_7140Bug loves for her bear to sit with them at their new puzzle/craft area. She’s also rocked it and shared her sippy cup. It’s true toddler love for sure! They’re so thankful for my sister to include them. (: So, my dear sister, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU! (:


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